Accelerating the future of Healthcare with Allymar Health

Born from a vision of making healthcare management seamless and efficient, Allymar Health has pioneered intelligent, future-ready Medicare Advantage solutions.


Born from a vision of making healthcare management seamless and efficient, Allymar Health has pioneered intelligent, future-ready solutions that enhance the Medicare Advantage Platform.
Our journey from a groundbreaking idea to a market-leading platform highlights our relentless pursuit to revolutionize healthcare for small to mid-sized health plans and risk-bearing providers.

We're not just a platform. We're a movement towards more accessible, compliant, and effective healthcare management.

Mission & Vision

At Allymar Health, our mission is to empower health plans with unparalleled technology, ensuring meticulous compliance, and enhancing healthy outcomes.
We envisage a future where every health plan, regardless of its size, has access to top-tier technology and expert talent, enabling them to compete effectively and efficiently in the marketplace.

Our Core Values

It takes great people to make a great product. Our company culture champions diversity and our team members embody Allymar Health’s values.

Patient Centric

Our team includes expert guidance from over 550+ licensed medical professionals, focused on improving patient outcomes.

Data Driven

Our platform has processed over 100M charts and processes over 10M annually.

Striving for Excellence

#1 in the 2020 Best in KLAS report for Overall Healthcare Management Consulting.

Innovators and Leaders in Value-Based Care*

Our team specializes in Stars, PMO, and data analytics for improved Medicare Advantage plans.

The impact that Allymar Health provides**

Allymar Health allows for mid-market businesses to positively impact the following KPIs and see an exceptional return:

Up to a 30% increase in risk adjustment & quality revenue
Up to a 40% decrease in administrative expenses

Our Platform not only prioritizes compliance through fully auditable and traceable solutions but also emphasizes member-focused operations, facilitating plans that prioritize healthy outcomes, benefit design, and scalable growth.

Allymar Health offers an unparalleled level of experience and data allowing for better modeling and AI delivery

Allymar Health empowers health plans to improve patient care with real-time actionable data provided at the point of care.

500+ Allymar Healthcare professionals providing products and services***
20,000+ healthcare professionals with 500+ licensed medical professionals

Healthcare management consulting


Health intelligent operations centers (through our Partner Network)


Health intelligent operations centers


Health patent


Enrollment and billing technology


Claims and payments system


Provider portal (through our Partner Network)


AI charts


Clinical records

Our partners

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*This is based on the breadth of experience of the Allymar Health team and that of
Allymar Health’s partners.
**Performance is based on that of the partner and their population and therefore performance may vary.
*** This includes the Allymar Health team and Allymar Health’s partners.